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Great selection of frozen meats and a lot of well seasoned ones, the seasoned bacon was what brought me in.

Richard H.

Great place…..very friendly and awesome to assist you with your questions and needs ….This is the place to get your meat.

Joe H.

Friendly Staff and Great Prices! I have always loved the meat I’ve purchased from there. Top quality!!

Michelle F.

Great selection and quality of meat. Quantity prices can’t be beat. Wonderful, friendly people.

Roberta P.

We’ve been going there for years, we tried other plants in the area and we’re disappointed. Brad and his staff have high expectations and excellent customer service. I highly recommend them.

Austin C.

Got a half hog processed here. Brad was very helpful explaining the cuts and options. They smoked the pork chops and cured the ham and it was unbelievably good.

David B.

They did an awesome job processing 2 goats for us. Packaging is excellent.

Thad H.

Friendly people, quality meats, excellent beef sticks (my wife’s favorites) at reasonable cost

Mark F.